Unicorn Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Unicorn Devices is Pakistan based automation and information technology company. It started its working in June 2016. Aim of our company is to add luxury, security and ease in people life. To achieve this we have research and development teams working on different technologies to solve many real life problems with latest technology. Our main areas of expertise are smart vehicles, smart home & industrial automation devices, Internet of Things (IoTs) and smart health care devices.

We also invite engineers and inventors of related field to become member of our team with your inventions. After market evaluation we polish your product and market it for you and you get royalty of your invention.

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CAR Secure

CAR Secure is a security device for cars which works as an immobilizer. Hardware of CAR Secure is installed in car, which can be activated and deactivated through smart mobile phone application.

Disconnecting car battery cannot deactivate CAR Secure.

No battery in CAR Secure, hence no need of replacement of battery.

No physical button in hardware to disable it.

Android application with many security features. As CAR Secure is an autonomous device and smart

Car immobilizer

enough to make decision, therefore no signal jammer can freeze this device.

Urdu and English language software

Multi User

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CAR Secure

BIKE Secure

BIKE Secure is a security device for motorbikes which works as an immobilizer. Hardware of BIKE Secure is installed in motorbike, which can be activated and deactivated through smart mobile application.

Easy to Use

Waterproof hardware

10 Min Installation Time

No battery in BIKE Secure so no need of replacement of battery

No physical button in hardware to disable it.

No signal jammer can disable BIKE Secure.

Optional mobile phone battery charger from motorbike.

Elegant Android Application in Urdu / English Language (Free)

No physical button in hardware to disable it.

Disconnecting motorbike battery cannot deactivate BIKE Secure.

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Smart Car Series

Smart Car Series gives you freedom to add Security & luxury features to your car with our state of the art hardware and beautiful application in your smart phone.
Choose Right Package for your Car
1: Silver
2: Gold
3: Platinum
4: Customized Solution

Door Lock / Unlock

Car Immobilizer

Power Window Control

Car Inside Temperature

Bluetooth Range Connectivity

Car Security in case of Mobile Lost

Guest Application for Limited Access to your Friends and Children

Engine Start / Stop

Parking Car Finder

Head Light Blinker

Car Outside Temperature

Multiuser Functionality

1 Year warranty

No extra changers for package up-gradation

and Much More . . .

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Smart Car Platinum

Easy Key

Total Replacement of Conventional Key

No Fear of Key Loss

Multi User Support

Give & Remove Access to Anyone with Ease

Splash Resistant Hardware

Pattern Protected Application

In Application Connectivity Feedback

Don't Worry about Lost Mobile Just Remove Access

Bluetooth Range Connectivity

English & اردو Language Support

1 Year warranty

and Much More . . .

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Smart Indoor Camera (IOT)

Smart Car Series details

Make a difference

Unmatched power

Retina ready

Auto Night Mode

Built -In Mic & Speaker

110 degree View Angle

Plug & Play Unlimited Cameras

Satisfied clients

Control the design

Imagine and create

Video Calling Support

Motion Sensor

Local & Remote Video Recording

3 Level Data Encryption

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